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Market awareness roadshows , one-on-one engagements and capital raisings

The following are some of the companies with which Granville and Co. Partners  has worked on road show presentations, one on one engagements, and/or capital raisings:

 Natural Resources : Metals, Minerals, Oil & Gas:

♦    copper, silver production : Revett Minerals Inc.  (NYSE AMEX : "RVM", TSX: "RVM")

♦    copper , gold, molybdenum : Copper Fox Metals  (TSX-V: "CUU")

   copper, gold, molybdenum : Norsemont Mining Inc. (TSX-V “NOM”)

   gold ,  exploration and development : Alhambra Resources Ltd. (TSX.V : “ALH”)

   gold ,  exploration and development : Roxgold (TSX.V : “ROG”)

   gold and copper exploration : Acero-Martin Exploration (TSX-V :-"ASD")

   gold : gold exploration and development : Canuc Resources Corp. (TSX-V: “CDA”)

   gold mining : Eastmain Resources Inc. (TSX-V :-"ER")

   gold : GLR Resources (TSX-V : ”GRS”)

   gold production : Golden China Resources Corp (TSX : "AUC")

   gold : Goldstrike Resources Ltd (SX/V :"AXP")

   gold exploration and development : Golden Share Mining Corporation (TSX-V : "GSH")

   gold :  Majestic Gold Corporation   (TSX.V: "MJS")   

   gold exploration and development: Northern Star Mining Corp (TSX-V:” NSM”)

   gold : NWM Mining Corporation (TSX-V : “NWM”)

   gold exploration and development : Ressources Appalaches (TSX-V : "APP")

   gold, zinc, silver : Salazar Resources Limited (TSX.V :"SRL")

   gold: Saracen Mineral Holdings Limited (ASX: “SAR”)

   gold: Scorpio Gold Corporation (TSX-V: “SGN”)

   gold, copper, molybdenum, silver: Terrane Metals Corporation (TSX-V:”TRX”)

   gold : West Timmins Mining Inc.: (TSX: “WTM”)

   manganese : American Manganese (TSX-V : “AMY”)

   nickel : Crowflight Minerals (TSX: “CML”)

   oil & gas : Arsenal Energy Inc. (TSX-V : "AEI")

   oil  & gas : Gulf Western Petroleum (OTC.BB : "GXPL")

   silver, exploration : Arian Silver (TSX.V & AIM : "AGQ")

   silver, gold exploration : Oremex (TSX-V  :"ORM")

   silver, gold and base metals mining : Orko Silver (TSX : "OK")

   uranium, gold, copper : A-Cap Resources Limited (ASX :”ACB”)

   uranium : Cash Minterals (TSX :”CHX”)

   uranium : Consolidated Abaddon (TSX :”ABN”)

   uranium and gold : Monaro Mining (TSX  : -"MRO")

   uranium : Ultra Uranium (TSX-V : “ULU”)

   uranium : UraniumSA (ASX :  "USA")

   uranium : Western Metals (ASX :"WMT")

   unconventional gas production : Admiral Bay Resources (TSX V : "ADB")

   zinc & lead exploration and development : Selkirk Metals (TSX : “SLK”)

     iron & iron ore concentrate : KazaX Minerals Inc. (TSX : “KZX”) 

   zinc and lead exploration : Mantle Resources Inc. (TSX :  "MTS")

   potash : Allanna Potash Inc. (TSX : "AAA")

Other, including Life Sciences & Pharma,  Environmental, IT and Real Estate:

• private placement : proprietary web-based email & document technology : Foldera (unquoted)

• life sciences technologies : Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. ( TSX : "FMI", Nasdaq : "FMTI")

• healthcare claims via internet : Claimsnet (OTC BB : "CLAI.OB")

• prepaid debit cards : Fundstech, pre-IPO funding

• electrochemical tumor ablation & gene delivery systems :  Inovio Biomedical Corporation

• private placement for luxury real estate project Brazil : Coqueiros L.L.C. INVI Holding

• wood plastic composites : JER Envirotech International Corp.  ( TSX-V- "JER")

• development/manufacture  of a circle thrust technology  : REG AG

• development-stage speciality pharmaceuticals : iCo Therapeutics : (TSX-V:   "ICO")

• real estate and private equity placements in India : Signature Group International

• fund raising for Agri-Opportunity Green Assets Fund : Aquila Capital Advisors GmbH 

stem cell technology : ReNeuron PLC (AIM: "RENE:L")


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